Hey gang, guess what? While we’re in Louisville next month we’re going to have a long black, luxurious stretch limousine at our disposal!

The big party is finally drawing near: the whole editorial staff of the Emotional Boundaries Magazine—all fifteen of us!—will be going to Louisville, Kentucky next month, where our founder, Henry Drummond created our magazine 63 years ago.

And…would you believe it?—while we’re there in the birthplace of our magazine we will have a chauffeured limousine at our disposal to take us anywhere any of us wants to go.

The limousine will be coming to us from a company called Limos in Louisville (this is our site where you can see ‘our’ limousine).

It was Ethan and Marilyn that arranged this deal for us. Ethan is good friends with the owner of Limos in Louisville, and Marilyn is the one that had the idea. Wouldn’t it be amazing, she thought one day, if we could be chauffeured around Louisville while we’re there?



 She didn’t know where the idea came to her from, she said; all she knew was that one day it came.

And after it did, she told Ethan about it. And as it turned out, he just happened to know a guy who had a limousine service company in Louisville, and…so that’s how it all came about.

The limousine is very long, but as long as it is, unfortunately it’s not long enough to hold all fifteen of us at once; it has a capacity of ten to twelve people, (depending on how big they are).

But even though we all won’t be able to fit into the limo at once, it can take most of us to any place we want to go, and then go back and pick the rest of us up.

We will be in Louisville, of course, for five days (Thursday to Monday), and during that whole time the limousine will be at our disposal. Please coordinate with Marilyn if you want the limo to take you somewhere; she is the one who is in charge of the car.

And a big thanks to Ethan, OK?—the one who made it all happen!