Nature can be a powerful mistress. Farmers all over Indiana and beyond often have to “bet the farm” every year hoping to make ends meet and praying that weather and other factors do not harm them.

Whether it be pestilence, drought or commodity fluctuations, the lives of small to medium sized farmers are stressful. We hear about it here at Emotional Boundaries Magazine.

Whenever we discover a way to mitigate difficulties via some coping strategy, we like to pass it along to our readers. What better way to help these farmers but to make sure they are fully aware of a fantastic resource available to them in Southern Indiana?

I’m talking about Precision Farming Solutions ( of course!

A Number One Stress Reliever

 Worrying. It’s a process that generally manifests itself in the frontal lobes of the brain.

That is the region that considers the future. Imagine yourself in a situation where you too, were “betting the farm” and if busting your guts working the land was all it took, that might be OK but having to deal with the unpredictability of weather and other factors, you just never know how it will all turn out.

The quality of your crops and the yield will make or break your entire year’s efforts. It’s enough to keep even the toughest and crustiest veterans up at night.

There is a way to get a better night’s sleep. The application of science into your farming conditions cannot be underestimated in terms of improving reliability and performance of your crops.

There is no finer company that can provide you with this service than, Indiana’s leader is high tech Ag management. With on your side as your Ag partners, you greatly amplify your potential for agricultural success each and every year.

Can I Afford Outside Consultation?

 A better question might be, “Can I NOT afford it?” at they have come up with the most efficient methods of surveying, analyzing and making cogent recommendations ever seen in the industry of Ag consulting.

Where it could literally take days for a farmer or an extension agent to walk the acres of any given farm, uses the cutting edge technology like camera drones that cover the territory very quickly. They look at the land below with high resolution spectral imaging and can immediately spot problem areas.

On the ground, areas that need it are analyzed for minerals in the soil, hydration/irrigation issues and other factors that have a big impact on the success of your crops.

You don’t guess anymore about your irrigation cycle. You don’t guess anymore whether you have added enough of a particular mineral or fertilizer. You know it for sure.

Because these factors are so critical to good crop yield and maxing out the quality of your product, the rewards are tremendous. Are pests going to be a factor? Yes, they always are.

The best defense is a good offense and knows how to use the least amount of treatment possible to create the greatest results.

Pests Come In A Variety Of Form Factors

 Two legs, four legs, six legs, eight legs . . .   they can all be pests. Varmints can arrive in various forms.

The two-legged variety might be an agricultural inspector that has a quota to fill.

A four-legged type has once manifested itself in the form of some turtles that during one evening, ate an entire crop of seedlings.

Six legs might include certain phylum Insecta which attack the leaves of our plants and that extends into phylum Arachnida where eight legs are the mainstay. All have been known to eat and diminish crops and yield.

When you visit you will see that they have many solutions to these pests.

For the two legged one’s, keeping your farm in compliance with local rules is the best way to go and Precision Farming Solutions knows about all those regulations and can advise you about best practices.

For other pests, aphids among them, Precision Farming Solutions can recommend the best ways to completely eradicate them from your farm and crops and help you create the best harvest, ever!